The Studio

Cifuentestudio is a studio whose activity is focused on the integral development of projects of, architecture, interior design, rehabilitation of rustic properties, construction, build management and decoration of all kinds.

An experienced professional career, backed by the recognition of several publications with some of our projects in different media in the sector, is the reward for the effort and the constancy of a serious commitment and full involvement in the preparation and development of projects, managed by a excellent multidisciplinary team of professionals and multilingual to assist you in everything you need, taking care of the entire process from start to finish with the best professionals in Menorca and Valencia in all sectors.

Our field of action is based on a methodical and personalized development process, from project design, construction management, to the final turnkey delivery to the client.

Our Philosophy

We follow a philosophy and an approach that resides in offering an excellent high quality service to our clients, starting from a solid base in the concept of a general project until its total detailed definition that materializes it, giving great importance to innovation with new technologies and materials.

In our studio we focus on sustainable projects using from the most traditional to the most innovative materials, always respecting the environment.

A system of work effective and precise, with an in-depth study of the needs of our customers, we arrive more easily to a wise choice of materials and resolution of technical details, thus creating an optimal design and conceptual framework that reflects that illusion personalized for each client.

Cifuentestudio is located in Menorca and Valencia  ( Spain ) with a demand from our clients that has led us to carry out projects in much of the national territory, as well as collaboration with studies in Spain, England, Switzerland and Portugal.

Contact us through the contact form on our website or via telephone, we will be happy to meet you and help you with your new project.

The Team


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